December 09, 2006


/* This was the harbinger post on 'Semantica dated 12th August 2006 */

Concept: Semantics is the science of words and their meaning and the general sense of language usage. Semantica is unfortunately not a heavy metal band, but a series on words & origins which in my opinion score high on the blogability quotient. The idea of a series is for ease @ searching. Many moons later if you recall reading about the word on my dark sanctotum just search for Semantica*.

Genesis: I have always been a vocab freak. Over the years my writing has mellowed and tempered a lot. During my quizzing heydays, etymology was one of my forte. Now when the sun has set on me, there remains but a vexation towards words I have never seen before. The desire to assuage this peeve manifests in the form of 'Semantica'

Modus Operandi: Simple! Whenever I come across a word with hits me I shall research it write about it.

To start off ...Bummel: I bought this book 'Three men on a bummel' and the peeve surfaced. I had never heard of this word before. Googling alleviated my irritation. Bummel aint a english word at all !! Its german for a short journey with no end. Swear I could do with a bummel or two


Arkus Caesar said...

this blog of thine be eternallly blessed and may it continue to guide us on a non-bummel into vocabland!!

Anonymous said...

Arka that was excellent comment..nothing can be better than that for Manya.