December 13, 2006


cracker-barrel \KRAK-er-bair-ul\ adjective : suggestive of the friendly homespun character of a country store

In the days before pre-packaged food and huge supermarkets, a trip to the nearest store was more than just an errand; it was also a chance to socialize and keep up with goings-on. The country store of yesteryear was the focal point of many rural communities, and the heart of the country store was the cracker barrel. Literally a barrel containing crackers, the cracker barrel -- which afforded a seat for at least one person -- was the spot where folks would gather to chat about weather and politics, or to swap stories, jokes, and gossip. Today, cracker barrels are largely a thing of the past, but the flavor of those friendly exchanges lives on in the adjective "cracker-barrel."


Moi said...

wonder if u come here anymore....happened to discover this one......why have u stopped updating it??? i love the idea of this blog.....have been in love with "words" all my life..tho' i can't/don't put them to good use, as beautifully and effectively as u do!!
Update it!! and u have one confirmed reader :)
I chose the Cracker Barrel post to leave a comment behind on, coz we have this brand of country stores here which are pretty much what the adjective stands for....tho' a tad too pricey as they are branded and half not as charming as the originals wud have been, am sure!! nevertheless, they are one of our fav. eateries here as they serve some of the best country steaks fact, they are quite a cult here..but frankly i had no idea they are named after this there!! hopping thro' blogs is not always a waste of time!! :)

666 said...

Merci Beaucoup, Madame !!

will do justice to 'Semantica'. I let it slip into oblivion .. time for the phoenixation:-)