December 13, 2006

False Colors & Madeleine

1. false colors (fawls KUL-uhrs) noun

Deceptive actions.

When ships approached each other at sea, sailors would look to the flagto determine whether the other vessel was from a friendly or enemy nation.They'd often try to confuse the other by flying a false flag until theywere close enough to attack.

2. madeleine \MAD-uh-lun\ noun

1 : a small rich shell-shaped cake *2 : one that evokes a memory
The madeleine is said to have been named after a 19th-century French cook named Madeleine Paumier, but it was the French author Marcel Proust who immortalized the pastry in his 1913 book _Swann's Way_, the first volume of his seven-part novel _Remembrance of Things Past_. In that work, a taste of tea-soaked cake evokes a surge of memory and nostalgia. As more and more readers chewed on the profound mnemonic power attributed to a mere morsel of cake, the word "madeleine" itself became a designation for anything that evokes a memory

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