February 16, 2008


Baconian : one who believes that Francis Bacon wrote the works usually attributed to Shakespeare

Sir Francis Bacon was a man of many talents: he was a lawyer, a statesman, a philosopher, and a man of letters. He is remembered for the style and expression of his writing, for his power as a speaker in Parliament, and for his advocacy of what is today known as the "Baconian method" of arriving at scientific conclusions by careful examination of evidence and sorting of facts. Sir Francis Bacon is also considered, by some people, to be the true author of Shakespeare's works. The theory, which was first propounded in the mid-1800s, flourished from about 1880 to 1930 and is still subscribed to in certain circles today.

Well, I prefer to stay away from all bacons, be it Francis or beef! And can you believe it the picture above is his self portrait!!! I am sure he must have had good reasons to render such a humble tribute to oneself.


Moi said...

I did not know about this one bacon...and i can't stand the other which by the ways is not beef-y ..it's pork-y in the sense it comes from pig.........

So Bard has controversies surrounding his works too???? Wow...did not know that either!!!!

Great to see you back....though we seemed to have lost our old "thriving" readership!!! :(

Jas Bhambra said...

Didn't know about all that!

That sure is a disturbing portrait...artistic no doubt, but disturbing.

And that was a very long and distressing word verification! and I couldn't get it right! The next one is equally bad! :D