January 27, 2008

Purple prose

Purple prose - literary works written in a language that is overly extravagant and ornate.

As the chief editor of the blog enjoys his sabbatical, I decided to dedicate a post here on his style of writing ;DD

In ancient days, purple dye was the rarest and most expensive thereby making it the color of choice for the royalty. One reason why purple robes came to be associated with European royalty. It is known that during Roman Republic, social climbers used to sew a patch of royal fabric on an ordinary cloth for the pretension of wealth. Roman poet, Horace in his Ars Poetica (The Art of Poetry) used the phrase in allusion to ornate literary works.

Some of the examples of purple-prose that Wikipedia refers to are outrageously hilarious, to wit: "a somnambular accommodation" (a bedroom), "a nectarian beverage" (wine).

A sample of the recent contribution by the Chief himself:

"Thus was implanted a peeve towards European geo-political illiteracy. This post is a self gratiating attempt towards assuaging that peeve. Hark, self gratiating."


Source: Wikipedia


suramya said...

glad that semantica has been revived again :), thats another phrase which I have added to my vocabulary, and I have loved the way u have quoted the chief's words:):)

yogsma said...

Thanks for reviving it...the show must go on..:-)).
Loved the phrase and its usage for chief.

666 said...

glad to see revival of our good ol' semantica. I promise to post regularly now once my sabbatical is over

and ha ha .. the purple prose dedications were delightful.


Moi said...

i am so glad to see the group back....i miss the good ol' days at Semantica!!!!! :DDD

Jas Bhambra said...

I like the title "Chief"! :)

Interesting phrase. I'll have to "purple prose" my manuscript that keeps coming back to make it more lucrative to the reviewers! :)