September 13, 2007


I'm a foodie wannabe. Unfortunately my knowledge and skills in the kitchen aren’t on par with my love of food. And that explains why I pour out my love for food on Semantica (Remember the posts on croissant and cappuccino? )

Sandwich was long invented before John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich (located in south east England), an 18th century English aristocrat, lent his title to it. The guy was known to be an obsessive gambler and to avoid leaving the gambling table to take supper, he favored this portable type of food. It allowed Lord Sandwich to continue playing cards, while eating without getting his cards sticky from eating meat with his bare hands.

Trivia: Be ready for some chuckles!! To the south of Sandwich is another little town called Ham. So the road leading to the towns has sign posts reading:


A sign that gets stolen every now and then.

And if that did not raise a chuckle, then try this, there's yet another town called Deal nearby, so there are places where road signs read.....(you guessed it!!!)

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Radha said...

I loved this post !! Im a wannabe-foodie myself :)

And about this Lord Sandwich...i pity his wife/ girl friend... made me look at the silver i am fretting over why H dines in front of the tv...but then at least he's not at a gambling den!! :))

Moi said...

haha!!!!! takes a very understanding wife to see silver linings like those!!!! haha!!!!

and it's always a pleasure to meet the wannabe-foodies....imagine if we ever get together!!!! :)

suramya said...

oh boy, I know how addictive gambling is, my parents had to pry me away from the roulette table in the casino. atleast the addiction generated a new form of food, I ain't complaining about that

yogsma said... of the words on this blog amazes me most of the times..never imagined the source of Sandwich this way.

SANDWICH WORTH HAM ...:-))..that's cool.

Moi said...

Su: how much did u win ???? the max i have won ever is 60 dollars :)

yogsma: they surprise moi too :)