September 07, 2007


First, my sincere apologies for not being regular on Semantica for more than a month. Starting with a word which everybody knows and nothing interesting in its origin too. Sorry about that.

Meaning - a large assembly of boy scouts or a large festive gathering.

Origin - The pic shown on right hand side is none other than Robert Baden Powell. He was the founder of boy scouts during 1880-90s. The word Jambo means "Hello" in swahili and Swahili is the language spoken in Kenya and other countries of Africa. Baden Powell was living in Kenya and where he started scouting and teaching to soldiers. So teach them , he used to gather all of them and used to start with word "Jamboree".

Just for more information Anil Kumble is known as JUMBO in Indian Cricket Team.

Sources - Image - google image and


Moi said...

I DID NOT know this thank u Yogsma :)

and just to let you know, i came back from Savannah (Georgia) a few days's where the home of the founder of Girls Scout is which is now converted into their headquarters .

why is Kumble called, Jumbo?? i always associate that word Jumbo with a cute baby elephant :)

Radha said...

I thought the etymology of the word was very interesting...with swahili orgins!
Welcome back Yogsma :)

666 said...

very interesting indeed..

the shards of quizzing memories still lingering in my mind points out to the explanation that Kumble had the ability to make the ball bounce even on lifeless pitches.. but wonder how this got linked up to Jumbo

suramya said...

welcome back, I have to make my comeback soon too, didn't know the origin of this one and is kumble called jumbo cause he's a stalwart of the indian cricket team?

Moi said...

This is what the know-all Wikipedia has to say
"He has a nickname Jumbo, because his deliveries, for a spinner, are "as fast as a Jumbo jet"...."makes sense??