June 16, 2007


Was it a coincident or whatever , I came across this word while roaming around the bridge on this fall. The information board around the water park was showing this word. What was I doing there? I was passing an hour for watching a movie. This is what happens when you don't check out the timings of movie theaters. I had gone to watch Ocean's thirteen and coincidently it means "Falling Water" .
This word has origin from Indians living in Dakota (don't know which one north or south..in earlier history, it was only Dakota, I guess). It is said that the first appearance of this word came in the book called "The opening of Mississippi:A Struggle for Supremacy in the American Interior". The picture shows St.Anthony Falls which has hydro electric plant providing electricity to whole Minneapolis-St.Paul Twin Cities area. This fall has observed and led the industrial growth of Minneapolis . First Pillsbury Flour Mills to number of flour mills were founded on the banks of Mississippi , close to this fall.
There was a confrontation between local Indians and European-American Sir Thomas Foresyth for making this fall available to people. Finally Indians agreed and opened the doors for industrial growth.

Sources - The Opening of Mississippi: A Struggle for supremacy in the American interior,
Image - www.nps.gov


suramya said...

what a wonderful word to discover while killing time :) st anthony's falls is also called gakaabikaa or something like that right, I remember my friend who lives there telling me about that

666 said...

wonderful. Your posts are so very non bookish. Good effort

yogsma said...

@Suramya - That's cool..it is not mentioned there that this fall is also called as gakaabikaa. Good to know.
@666 - thanks.

Moi said...

i am fascinated by the Indian words.....love the names of places that have Indian origins and we have tons of them all across United States, don't we :)
and just in case, someone didn't know, kayak is an Inuit word...

loved to know the obscure word, Yogesh :)

yogsma said...

@Moi - Yes..finally those were real Americans..not the white people ;-).Thanks BTW.