June 03, 2007

Monthly Update - May 2007

Hello Hello and its that time of the month again. One freshly baked update coming your way

Let me take this opportunity to welcome Yogesh to Semantica. With two blue stockings and one insane wraith, the team needed some load balancer. Y has provided the much needed relief. Lets raise a toast in his welcome (did someone hear Cacofonix grumbling)

May was an interesting month. We had 15 posts. As per contributions went the scores are Moi – 6, Suramya – 5, Yogesh – 2, 666 – 2. Semantica’s technologically challenged administrator tried migrating to a new layout but couldn’t succeed. Hopefully this month.

Now I have been on a personal vacation for most of May so it ‘may’ happen I don’t do justice to all the ‘may’hem on Semantica. Two of the most memorable events I have honored in the form of awards –

Dead Author Obsession Award: This award goes to Madame Moi for her unbeatable love for Mark Twain. If this woman ever finds out Twain's final resting place, he will frantically dig himself out from his grave and start running amok.

Women Don’t Gossip Award: Jointly shared by Radha, Jas and Moi. The post Grapevine brought out the best among our women readers in which they were arguing that women don’t gossip. The consensus of the GD was exemplary. If this was a friendly talk, I shudder to my last bone when I try to contemplate the agreed definition of women gossiping :-) :-)

PS: Since May is a hotter month than April, the stickiness of this post has reduced to just 2 days


Crow said...

very interesting blog

suramya said...

ha ha, moi I'm waiting to read ur take on your awards :):), I think this month's update has more pizzazz to it :):). should have a longer stay than 2 days.

yogsma said...

Amazing update ..LOL and thanks for accommodating me in your team , Captain.

Moi said...

Oh u wrote it!!!..and now u know why i was reluctant to write one, Chief.....I could have never done a job as good as this .....As my man, Mark once said, "It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt!" ..I saved myself from a suicidal attempt at writing the Update :)

And tell me 666, how can u not be obsessed abt a man who wrote lines like
"Man is the religious animal. He is the only religious animal that has
The true religion -- several of them. He is the only animal that loves his neighbor as himself and cuts his throat if his theology isn't straight".......goodness! look at the truth dripping from that biting sarcasm.......do i need to say more in my defense or the Thank u speech ??? :DDD

And, I want the institutionalization of one more award: the cutest contribution: hands-down winner: the "penguin" post by Suramya ....:)
and "dandy" by her comes second close...so in fact we can have a Cutest Contributor post, instead ..haha, what say, SU ???? :DDDD

Moi said...

i meant Cutest contributor award ...thats the problem with multi-tasking women..I'm trying to cook lunch here while blogging!!! i hope i dont get my sugar mixed with salt....excuse moi!!! :)

666 said...

everybody ... enjoy .. have fun .. keep reading and contributing and cooking!

Blog Blesss

All Blog Spots said...

nice blog

suramya said...

thank you moi :), ha ha, u should have done the mark twain post :), moi the great :), it suits you :)

Radha said...

Hey, we didnt say that women dont gossip!! We only said that men love gossip as much; they just dont admit it !! :))

Moi said...

Suramya, U join hands with 666 abt that epithet and u 've had it from moi!!

and i concur with radha..we never did claim we don't gossip :DDDD

suramya said...

moi: I couldn't resist :), the ditty was too cute, but no more, u have my word, scout's honour.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

how can someone join?

666 said...

@abhishek: Entry to Team Semantica is by invitations only. However, we are eagerly looking for guest contributors. Please write to us at team.semantica@gmail.com about your interest in joining us and we shall gladly add you as a guest.

Looking forward to your mail.

Best Regards

Jas Bhambra said...

Thanks 666 for the Women don't gossip award. :)
And yeah, Radha, all we said was that men gossip as well! :)