July 21, 2008


Buccaneer - a pirate

Do you barbecue? If the answer's a yay vs.a nay, then you may very well count yourself in the same league as swashbuckling Capt. Jack Sparrow. 'Coz that's where the word's origin lies.

Buccaneer originates in French as "boucanier" which referred to a person on the Caribbean islands who hunted wild boars etc. and cured/smoked the meat over a barbecue frame called a "boucan" in French. The word "boucan" itself came from a Tupi word meaning "a rack or rack-like platform." So there! If you barbecue, you are no less than Johnny Depp himself!!!!! :)

Source: Wikipedia/Google Images


suramya said...

I love the connection you made with Johnny Depp moi :) and don't you think the blog got more sizzling with his photo up there :)
I just learnt what Tupi means.

Moi said...

the blog sizzles as hell ;DDD