May 31, 2008


By now, you know for certain, that I love eponyms. And this one comes with a "twist" ;D

I would have liked to believe that Elvis Presley's facial hair style would have started the trend but you gotta see the sideburns of Ambrose Burnside to know why they were named after him :D

Ambrose Burnside was a general in theUnion Army in the American Civil War and the guy could have not attained such popularity with his military exploits as he did with his fashion statement. He was the commander of the Army of the Potomac but was relieved of his command after losing the battle of Fredericksburg. His way of wearing his side whiskers along with a moustache but clean shaven chin gave the style the name Burnside's which with time morphed into burnsides and then into sideburns as such a facial pattern was on the sides of a face.

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suramya said...

he he :), I think he deserves to have them named after him. I don't see anyone with more prominent side burns than his, even elvis presley :)

Radha said...

I think he copied the style from our old Rajput kings! Even today that beard-style is quite a hit in Rajasthan.

Moi said...

Su, Radha: haha....i could not stop chuckling at how curly and thick (yewwwww!) those "sideburns" are!!!! and I so agree with Rajasthan bit.....Infact they reminded me of typical "darogas" we have in India :)

666 said...

also i would like to point out a obvious advantage of this style which naturally you women have missed. Mr Ambrose Burnside achieved a high degree of hygiene by this style of 'keeping the chin clean' and letting all the mess grow away from the lips. No food particles sticking and stuff!

Moi said...

666, yewwwwwwww!!! yikes!!!!!!!!!! :DDD