August 07, 2007


This one's gonna cast a shadow on the might of muscle-men we know, not that a certain Sanjay Dutt would care with lots more on his platter to bother about than the ridicule on this blog, right now. My husband's never gonna forgive me for tarnishing the image of muscle-cars but I'll go ahead and let the world know that the word muscle comes from Latin "musculus" that means "little mouse" :) So called because the shape and movement of some muscles (notably biceps) were thought to resemble mice, their tendons playing the part of a mouse's tail.

Trivia: Mussels are also called so because of their resemblance to mice but have a different spelling from muscles for distinguishing reasons.

Pic: Google Images


yogsma said...

I guess this is your best post till now..There may be many more before I joined ..but in my opinion, I liked this post the most for its simple trivia..but still so good.

what you say 666 about the trivia?

666 said...

yep.. its cool

Radha said...

Thats so I the only one who thinks that bicep movements dont look like mice at all??! :)

Jas Bhambra said...

Lol! I am going to break this news to the guys at our work place. I can only imagine what my brothers comments would be when I will tell him about this.

Although as kids we always asked our Dad to "Chuha bana ke dikhayo na", he would them kinda pinch his biceps and the wave that passed thru would amuse us greatly. Although thinking back I kinda think that it would have hurt to do that!! Sorry Dad. :)

Moi said...

Radha: if they are not as pumped up as Salman Khan's , they kinda look like rats /mice!!

Jas: lol!!! Arka rolled his eyes at my finding ..according to him i'll do better in life if I concentrated on something worthwhile ....(some men can be such spoilsports!!! :DD)

AlterinG Abhishek said...

yeah this is a pretty kewl one...

I recall the "chuha bana ke dikhao"

My granpa used to make one out of a hanky, and there was a trick, he used to keep it in his hand and it used to simply run away like a mouse!!

Moi said...

haha...abhishek and jas: u have the funniest stories to tell..i remember the hanky trick, abhishek..i am not sure who showed it to me first..could be one of my notorious uncles!!! :DD