July 13, 2007

Ek Sawal


1. The grading of woods used in furniture;
2. The abbreviations craze of the US in the 1830’s which eventually lead to some intentional misspellings;
3. Martin Van Buren’s failed re-election in 1940;
4. A Haitian port famous for its rum.

Background: This question was asked in Chakravyuh 2003 organized by yours truly and my illustrious pardner. One of the all time classics of etymology. (Didnt impress the hard core quiz studds around though, who cracked it by the time I had read the point 2!). Googling should throw up the answer. Drop in your search results, views on each of the four points above in the comments

Disclaimer: The author of this post claims intellectual property right to the above question. It has not been sourced from any quiz groups around.


Moi said...


I did not had to think : my next post was gonna be on OK and the hint 2 gave it away :)))
Hehe ...pass on the spoils please :)))

666 said...

Not OK at all ... the grey shade of the post has yet again gone unnoticed; I chose Friday the 13th for my comeback post

and moi .. request you to write some comments explaining the points for the benefit of less initiated readers

Moi said...

It's fri the 13th????? aren't u and Su sitting in some corner waiting for all hells to break loose and then gloat about it on ur blogs....haha...kidding!!!! and Su once u read it, u better not take an offense to my leg-pulling session in ur absence.....:))) , love u girl (that's my way of offering truce) :)

and 666, let's wait to hear from other readers first ....why dont we just delete the first comment????

suramya said...

moi: none taken :):):), I'm extremely superstitious, sometimes idiotically too. so your going to tell us more about OK.

yogsma said...

Oll Korrect...BTW you mentioned the wrong time of Martin Van Buren's failed re-election as 1940..actually it is 1840.

Radha said...

Very interesting!!

Abhishek Rudresh said...

Then there's the one about O (zero) K(illed), from some war, I don't remember which. And I don't know if that one is credible, so don't bite me, OK?
BTW, Manish, you might want to watch the movie, 1408.