May 14, 2007


Ubuntu - Humanity towards others.
The Ubuntu is having several meanings. The origin of word is from sub-Saharan African(Zulu and Xhosa) ethic which concentrates on people's relations with each other.
Popular definition of Ubuntu is "The belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity".The concept of Ubuntu is same in whole Africa and it is considered to be as major reason for their renaissance. There is no perfect resource which can describe the origin of this word. This has been a long time philosophy in Africa continent.
Being so much popular in Africa, there leads a contrasting story of a young Israeli girl who was writing messages on war missiles. And presumably, these missiles were intented for Lebanon. The messages weren't of peace and prosperity . But did that girl ever know the implications of the missiles that when launched, they would kill number of human beings and girls of her kind only?
Dedicated to this word and humanity, open source foundation has launched an operating system Ubuntu Linux which is extremely popular in US these days. It says Ubuntu - Linux for human beings.

In one of the Labor conferences, former US president Bill Clinton used this word in UK to explain why society is important for all of us.

Let's be together to spread the message of humanity



666 said...

my dearest dearest dearest friend... i thrilled to the ze nith to have a post from you!!!!! it was such a huge surprise, i thought it must be moi who has posted going by the rotational cyclicity of postings by the team members

the best thing that has happened to me since the 'grousy' past few days. trust some old friend to light up the way..

and what an opening!!! never knew about Ubuntu. Ubuntu Linux too!!

and let all of us give peace a chance. Live but PLEASE let live

suramya said...

this must be one of the nicest words ever :), 666's joy seems to be infectious, lovely to see a new contributor. and I thought it was moi too :)

Moi said...

Commendable post, Yogsma!! guess, one of the very first posts here with such fact i posted some tidbit almost the same time as u did and then stashed it as it seemed so frivolous to go with this post....and 666, I object to the preferential treatment meted out to an old friend..we (moi and suramya) never got such an enthusiastic welcome from u Chief!!! Suramya, don't u agree???? :DDDDD

Welcome aboard, Yogsma!!! :)

suramya said...

moi : completely :):), but one must make allowances for old friends :):):), we'll let him get away with the preferential treatment.

yogsma said...

@666- Thanks for enthusiasm and inspiration, actually I had some different word in mind for opening post ,but I am still searching for its origin , so gave up and while writing this post ,I was working on Ubuntu machine and my frequent habit of going to its homepage which all the time tells the story of Ubuntu..which led me to write this post.

@Suramya -Thanks a lot
@Moi - Sorry, for breaking the cycle , but I did not recognize that you were posting at the same time.Thanks for your response too.

@666 - You better respond for the question raised by girls..I never expected from you such response.

Radha said...

A new member and such a beautiful word!! great im even more devoted to reading semantica every day!! :)

Moi said...

u dont have to be sorry, plz..and there's no cycle just ends up going that way!!! :)

yogsma said...

@Radha - Thanks for your compliments.
@Moi- no worries.